Sameday Right-O-Way (2024)

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Sameday Right-O-Way is part of the Day & Ross Transportation Group, which was launched in 1950. Today, the Group is a major Canadian owned transportation company, offering a wide range of services through five divisions. Day & Ross is a wholly owned subsidiary of McCain Foods Limited.Sameday Right-O-Way was created in 1992 by merging two separate companies that operated under the umbrella of the Day & Ross Transportation Group: Sameday Courier was well known in Atlantic Canada as a courier company that started operations in 1978 by providing a true same day service between Fredericton, Saint John, and Moncton, New Brunswick.Right-O-Way Air Express & Cargo was well known in Central and Western Canada. Then the two companies merged in the Fall of 1992, courier, express, and cargo handling capabilities were enhanced and made available to clients through a network of terminals across Canada.Sameday Right-O-Way provides personalized, customized courier, express, and cargo services for customers nationwide. Our specialty is the efficient door-to-door movement of shipments of any size and weight, across Canada, to and from the United States, and to and from virtually any international location.We offer a complete menu of time definite, competitively priced services, with the flexibility to choose the delivery mode that best suits speed and cost requirements. Other services include special pick-up times and internal handling requirements, dedicated linehaul or delivery schedule, customized billing and administrative procedures, a comprehensive customer shipping system, shipment control and tracking, computerized dispatch, bar coded labels and bar code scanning.

Sameday Right-O-Way (2024)


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