Simple 8 Ways to Know If Pearls Are Real in 2024 (2024)

Simple 8 Ways to Know If Pearls Are Real in 2024 (1)

Real pearls are beautiful and valuable, but modern technologies make it more difficult to tell the difference between real and fake pearls. In the past, pearls were rare because they were only found in wild areas. Now, fake pearls made of glass or plastic can look very similar to real ones. This makes it easy to accidentally buy a fake. Knowing what real pearls look like and their unique qualities can be helpful if you want to be sure you're getting the real deal. In this guide, we'll provide you some simple guidelines for identifying real pearls so you can shop confidently.

What Are Real Pearls?

Real pearls are created by oysters in fresh or saltwater. They can be grown with human help or naturally without any help. Almost all pearls sold today are cultured because real pearls are extremely rare and are frequently found only in museums. So when you hear the term "natural pearls" in stores, it means that it refers to real, not fake, pearls.

What Are Fake Pearls?

Fake pearls are man-made beads created from materials like glass, plastic, or covered shells that mimic real pearls. Some fake pearls are easy to identify, but others, like the Majorica glass pearls, may look to be real. Now having understood the difference between real and fake pearls, let's look at some simple ways for identifying when your pearls are authentic.

How To Tell If Pearls Are Real Or Fake: 8 Quick Easy Steps

How Do You Know If A Pearl Is Real?

If you're looking to buy pearl jewelry or unsure about pearls you already own, it's important to find out if they are real or fake. While you can try some easy tests at home to confirm, be careful because some methods could damage the pearls, whether real or fake like as 'majorica' pearls. Here's a safer process to confirm that your pearls are real:

  1. Check pearls for tiny irregularities
  2. Feel the pearls hardness
  3. Check the pearls Size
  4. Check the pigmentation
  5. Perform the tooth test
  6. Observe the pearls Color
  7. Do the rub test
  8. Pearls Fire test

Simple 8 Ways to Know If Pearls Are Real in 2024 (2)

Check Pearl For Tiny Irregularities

Examine each pearl for small flaws or differences in shape. Because pearls grow naturally, they typically have minor spots. If all the pearls look the same, they could be fake.

Feel The Pearl Hardness

Touch the pearls to see if they feel a bit rough. Because of the natural layers which make form real pearls, they are not perfectly smooth. Fake pearls frequently feel completely smooth, like glass or plastic.

Check The Pearl Size

Check the pearls to size if they are all the same size and shape. Natural pearls will show minor distinctions. Fake pearls are frequently identical because they are manufactured by machines.

Check The Pigmentation

Check how the pearls reflect light. Real pearls have a soft shine that changes depending on the light. Fake pearls usually just have a surface shine that doesn't change.

Observe The Pearls Color

Real pearls have a strong, natural color, a beautiful shine and limited color available. Like pink, white, cream, purple.If the pearls look too glossy or coated, they may be fake and all types of color available in fake pearls.

Perform The Tooth Test

Gently rub a pearl across your teeth. Real pearls feel a little gritty. Fake pearls feel silky and smooth.

Do The Rub Test

Rub two pearls gently together. Real pearls will feel a little gritty and may leave a thin powder. This doesn't happen with fake pearls, which feel smooth when brushed together.

PearlsFire Test

Hold a pearl near a little flame (be careful). Real pearls are resistant to damage and have no smell. Fake pearls may smell like burnt plastic and melt or change color.

How Can I Find The Quality Of Real Pearls?

Pearls Shape

The shape greatly influences a pearl's quality. Freshwater pearls vary in shape, but perfectly round pearls are frequently the most valuable because of their rarity. Perfectly oval pearls may be more expensive than round pearls. Unique shapes like Baroque pearls, which are seed or tear-shaped, are extremely popular.

Pearls Size

Larger pearls are less common and more expensive. Pearl sizes are measured in millimetres and can range significantly.

Pearls Color

White and golden pearls are more valuable for their rarity. Pearls are also available in colors including lavender, pink, and rose, with costs changing according to color rarity.

Pearls Weight

Pearls are usually measured in carats, but for accuracy, the troy scale can be used. While fake pearls are typically far lighter, real pearls have a noticeable weight to them.

The Importance Of Buying Real Pearls From Trusted Retailer

When you know how to buy real pearls, you should buy them from a trusted retailer. Making sure the store has been verified assures that the pearls are real and good quality. Buying from a reputable store means that you will receive excellent customer service, an acceptable refund policy, and the certainty that your pearls are value the cost. This makes sure your purchase is secure and satisfying.


Experienced retailers understand pearls well. They can help you with the buying process and ensure that the pearls are ethically and of high quality.


A good seller will explain what you're buying in simple terms. They will inform you about the type, origin, and other details of the pearl so you can make an informed choice.

Return Policies:

Reputable sellers often have strong return policies. You need to be able to return the pearls without any problems if you're not satisfied with them or believe they might be fake.

Pearls Setting:

If you buy loose pearls, an expert jeweler at a reputable store can make them into necklaces, bracelets, or earrings without affecting the pearls.


Excellent pearls and customer service are likely to be located at a reputable store. Buying pearls from a reputable seller increases your chances that you can get real, quality pearls.

Quality Assurance:

Trusted retailers often ensure the quality of their pearls. They offer proof or certifications proving the quality of the pearls. You can feel safe about your purchase as a result.

Trusted retailers, check out Blue Nile.

Conclusion: Pearls Real Vs Fake

Buying pearls can be difficult, but knowing how to identify if they're real will help you make smart choices. Real pearls often have small imperfections and a special shine that changes with the light. Simple tests, like stroking a pearl against your teeth or softly rubbing two pearls together, can help you identify if they are genuine. However, the best way to ensure you get high-quality, real pearls is to buy from a trusted retailer. A good seller will not only provide quality promise and a reasonable refund policy, but will also offer qualified advice to help you in selecting the right pearls based on shape, size, and color. Choosing to buy from a trusted supplier protects the purchase and ensures you get beautiful, durable pearls that are truly valuable.

For further information, you can refer to GIA's guide on pearls.

FAQs: How Can You Know If Pearls Are Real?

Q.1 How can I tell if pearls are real?

Ans.Real pearls are rarely perfect, so look for minor defects or slight differences in shape. Real pearls feel gritty, especially when rubbed between your teeth.

Q.2 What are the main differences between real and fake pearls?

Ans.Real pearls range in size and shape, with a deep shine that changes with light. They are larger than fake pearls, which typically look similar and feel smoother.

Q.3 Why should I buy pearls from a reputable retailer?

Ans.Buying from a reputable retailer promises that you receive real pearls. They provide quality assurance, good customer service, exact details on the pearls, and a best return policy.

Q.4 What simple tests can I use to check if pearls are real?

Ans.You may try a few easy tests at home:

  • Tooth Test: Rub the pearl on your teeth. If it feels a little rough, it's probably real.
  • Rub Test: Rub two pearls together. If they feel gritty and leave a fine powder, they are surely real.
  • Fire Test: Carefully place a pearl near a flame. Real pearls do not crack or smell bad.

Q.5 How do reputable retailers check the quality of pearls?

Ans.Reputable retailers check pearls for shape, size, color, and weight. They have experts that can tell the difference between genuine and fake pearls as well as issue certificates of authenticity.

Q.6 What should I look for in the size and color of pearls when buying?

Ans.Choose pearls with natural variations in size and color. The color should have a deep, natural glow, unlike fake pearls, which can look too shiny or wildly colored.

Q.7 Can the way pearls are set indicate their authenticity?

Ans.Yes, the setting may suggest whether the pearls are real. Expert jewelers set pearls in a way that enhances their natural beauty without damaging them, such as drilling holes carefully for mounting.

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Simple 8 Ways to Know If Pearls Are Real in 2024 (2024)


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