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For 20 years, Samantha Brown has traversed continents, experienced culture, and tasted adventure applying her singular brand of warmth and inclusion along the way. Her latest project is Places to Love, which airs on PBS. For the month of March, all episodes are available online.

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Houston, Texas

Samantha visits one of the most diverse and underrated cities in the United States: Houston, Texas. From art cars to craft beer to soul-inspiring music, Samantha meets some of the most extraordinary people who guide her through the city’s unique offerings, like GONZO247, a graffiti artist turned local celebrity; and 2017 James Beard Award Winner, Chef Hugo Ortega.

Bern Region, Switzerland

From an Alpine Garden on an idyllic mountaintop to going deep underground experiencing the Cheese Grotto in Gstaad, biking through the waterfall covered valley of Lauterbrunnen and finally floating down the icy cold Aare River in Bern: Samantha has a most adventurous journey.

Brooklyn, New York

Samantha finds out the difference between a Brooklyn egg cream and a Manhattan egg cream when she visits Brooklyn and meets a “jerk” at a local soda fountain. From visiting the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard to sampling whiskey at New York City’s oldest distillery, to tasting unique foods at the largest weekly open-air food market in the USA, Samantha takes the opportunity to understand Brooklyn.

Shanghai, China

There is a certain mystique about the Far East, as Samantha soon discovers when she travels to Shanghai, China. Samantha visits the ancient water town of Feng Jing and she takes an Art Deco walking tour along the historic Bund, where she visits a knife and scissor shop on Nanjing Road and learns the art of paper cutting. She ends her trip with a visit to the historic Peace Hotel.

Huntsville, Alabama

Samantha has the pleasure to travel to one of the most unassuming cities in that of Huntsville, Alabama, where she gets to float in space like an astronaut, see a full-scale Apollo rocket and meets Alex McCool, a national treasure who helped put man on the moon. Samantha also ventures out to a soul food restaurant, serving arguably the best fried chicken in the South.

Vancouver, Canada

Samantha starts her trip to Vancouver off trekking beautiful Stanley Park. From there, she takes flight in a classic floatplane to enjoy a stunning tour of the city, followed by landing on a mountain lake. Back into the city, Samantha visits the unique shops of Granville Market, and gets a chance to taste the local salmon at a First Nations restaurant.

Hill Country, Texas

There is a big difference between Texas and Texas Hill Country, and Samantha finds this out quickly when she takes to the road exploring these legendary lands in search of her favorite wildflowers, gets to taste fine cuisine at a farm-to-table German bistro, and shakes-a-leg the historic Gruene Hall, Texas’ oldest dance hall.

Big Sur and Monterey, California

From Monterey to Big Sur, Samantha travels through the Central Coast of California. She learns about underwater sea life at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, visits the “Artichoke Center of the World”, dines at a Mexican restaurant serving up sustainable seafood and local organic produce, enjoys wine tasting at a boutique vineyard, and ends her trip on an electric bike ride along California’s Route 1.

Xi’an, China

Samantha travels to the ancient city of Xi’an, China. Feeling a little jet-lagged, Samantha stops off a local health clinic that has been practicing for over 500 years using traditional Chinese medicine. Along her journey, Samantha rides a bike atop the ancient City Wall, visits the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Terracotta Warriors and attends a spectacular outdoor performance.

Ireland’s Northwest Coast

Samantha travels to the Northwest coast of Ireland where she starts an epic adventure in County Donegal. She hikes up the sea cliffs of Slieve League, herds sheep on a local farm, and learns about the dying craft of wool-weaving. Topping off her County Donegal experience, Samantha visits famous Leo’s Tavern, where she meets Irish celebrity, Moya Brennan of the band Clannad.

Orange County, California

Samantha travels to Orange County in Southern California and meets legendary surfer, PT Townend, who discusses the origins of surfing. Along her journey, Samantha takes a ride to Balboa Island on the oldest privately owned ferry in the USA, learns about the vibrant Vietnamese community in Westminster, and visits the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach.

Montreal, Canada

From immersive to interactive, Montréal is a city that puts on a show of sheer artistry in practically everything that this city is involved with. From hidden-alleyway bicycle tours to the French-Canadian version of Little Italy to its world famous Cirques Festivals to a distiller making gin out of locally sourced botanicals, Montréal both surprised and inspired Samantha in her travels.

Oregon RV Trip

From Hood River to Fossil to Bend, Samantha and her family take in the magnificent scenery and explore some of the most intriguing stops along the way. She also learns how to drive an authentic Model T car, and visits a real-working ranch, where she gets to herd Black Angus cattle while her husband and twins get to dig for fossils.

Hong Kong, China

Samantha strolls through Hong Kong’s Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, learns how to play the generational tile-based game, Mahjong. She visits the Kung Wo Bean Curd Factory where she learns about the process of making tofu.

Greater Palm Springs, California

Samantha visits The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens, and historic Joshua Tree National Park. She learns how to play the popular local sport FootGolf, and goes on a Mid-Century Modern tour of Palm Springs.

Lake Geneva and the Valais Region, Switzerland

The Valais Region is home to Barryland, where Samantha visits the living museum that serves as a breeder for the famed St. Bernard dogs. In Geneva, Samantha visits the historic Beau Rivage Geneva hotel, and in Nendaz Samantha takes a gondola ride to the top of the Alps.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Samantha visits the New Mexico Capitol Art Collection; hikes to the peak of Dale Ball Trail #9 overlooking the entire city. Next, she navigates the Margarita Trail of Santa Fe at the legendary Cowgirl BBQ.

Seoul, South Korea

Samantha begins her journey on a tour in Yeonnam-Dong, a re-purposed green space filled with a resurgence of diverse restaurants and coffee shops. Next it’s on to the Korean Stone Art Museum and strolls through the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival.

Lafayette and Cajun Country, Louisiana

Samantha is instantly engulfed in Cajun and Zydeco music at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival. The journey continues with a kayak tour through the local swamps.

Rhine River Cruise

Samantha’s epic cruise along the Rhine River includes a stop at Freiburg, Germany, which is the gateway to the Black Forest. Other stops include Strasbourg, France and the Petite France neighborhood, and the iconic Heidelberg Castle.

Naples and the Paradise Coast, Florida

Samantha’s Paradise Coast adventure includes a kayak tour in the salt-waters of Everglades National Park. She visits the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, and then meets Clyde Butcher, the Ansel dams-esque photographer of the Everglades.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Samantha experiences the revival of the once earthquake devastated city of Christchurch. She begins by exploring the Gap Filler initiatives, which are innovative installations that temporarily fill the gaps. She visits Akaroa Harbor, and then visits a local farm that protects the endangered Pohatu penguins.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is more than a city. It’s a tapestry of tight neighborhoods, giving travelers an exceptional diversity of experiences. This city boasts resilience and a DIY spirit that’s infectious. Yes, Baltimore has overcome incredible challenges, but what should be more well-known and revered is its place in American history, and its unique brand of easy going urban hospitality.

International Food Show

With all the experiences we can have with food, enjoying a meal with others is truly one of the best– no fancy linens or fine china needed. When traveling, the opportunity to have locals share their food with us is something special. When you travel, food is used both to seek comfort, as well as to get us out of our comfort zones. Here are some of my favorites from around the globe.

Charleston, South Carolina

The Holy City certainly has quite the history, you’ll find it in its hidden alleyways and the French Quarter. Other adventures include a lesson in blacksmithing and woodworking; rice harvesting; and a traditional gourmet dinner at Revival, where the focus is on rice and other low country traditional recipes. There’s no place in the world quite like Charleston.

Budapest, Hungary

Everyone has heard of Budapest, but few can grasp its magnificence. It’s a captivating city with a confluence of history, art and music. As one of Europe’s largest cities, it boasts an exuberant energy that must be felt to be believed. It’s a powerhouse of grand experiences that range from the worldly to the local, from the deeply emotional to the joyous. Budapest is a place to love.

A long string of coral islands stretching beautifully across the sea, the Florida Keys ultimately forms the southernmost tip of the continental U.S. Though it’s considered the land of the Eternal Vacation, there’s a passionate community here that seeks to protect all the things we as travelers want from it – from shimmering waters, to vibrant marine life, as well as its unique culture. People may come here to party, but they stay for so much more. Here’s why the Keys are a place to love.

Top of South Island, New Zealand

Samantha’s adventures on the South Island, New Zealand include a bicycle ride through vineyards, a boat ride expedition through the Marlborough Sounds, a walk along Awaroa Beach, and a helicopter tour to the peak of Mount Olympus where the Lord of the Rings was filmed.

Sonoma, California

A road trip along the Sonoma coastline enables Samantha to learn about sustainability efforts along the Pacific coast and what to look for off the beaten path. From there it’s a visit to the Charles M. Schulz Museum where Samantha talks “Peanuts” with Charles’ widow, Jeannie. She also gets to meet a local wine maker’s family and learn about the famous Sonoma wine.

The British Virgin Islands

Samantha goes sailing around the historic British Virgin Islands with Capt. Lisa Roland and learns sailing essentials while at sea. During her island visit, Samantha plants coconut trees in Spring Bay, hikes through the Baths, (a Caribbean natural wonder), and experience freshly made conch ceviche from “Conch Island”. Finishing off her trip, Samantha and Capt. Lisa snorkel at one of BVI’s top snorkel sites, the Indians.

Dallas, Texas

It’s all about food and art in Dallas. Samantha samples some of the best barbecue in town at Pecan Lodge, and some imaginative chocolate at Dude, Sweet Chocolate. Then it’s off to explore the downtown Arts District strolling through Klyde Warren Park and enjoying the powerful sculptures at Nasher Sculpture Center. Of course, her visit to Dallas also includes special gift from local artist Travis Austin – a custom designed cowboy hat!

Visiting her hometown state, Samantha arrives on Lake Winnipesaukee aboard the M/S Mount Washington and goes straight to Funspot, the world’s largest arcade. From here, she continues her tour of the Lakes Region by taking a loon-spotting cruise on Squam Lake. Samantha concludes her trip on a Cog Railway ride to the summit of Mount Washington.

Phoenix, Arizona

At the Desert Botanical Garden, Samantha takes in the stunning beauty of wildflowers and blooming cactus along the Sonoran Desert trail. Then it’s a visit to the popular Breadfruit & Rum Bar, where Samantha samples unique Jamaican dishes and carefully concocted rum co*cktails. From there, Samantha heads to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Taliesin West, which served as Frank Lloyd Wright’s breath-taking winter home and architectural school

Vienna, Austria

Samantha begins her visit to Vienna at the 3rd Man Museum, where she learns about the city’s fascinating history. From there she visits the Imperial Library, part of the Hapsburg history of the city. A boat ride on the Old Danube River allows Samantha to take in the sights of this historic city before hiking up the hills and sampling wine with views of the city below.

At the Corning Museum of Glass, Samantha starts off her visit to Crystal City by learning about the history of glass and why Corning is the center of the glass world. Heading to Bath, Samantha goes on a cemetery tour, get introduced to “English-cut” donuts, and discovers why the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum is a little-known American treasure.

Auckland, New Zealand

Samantha sails Auckland Harbor aboard the 2007 America’s Cup winning Team New Zealand sailboat and talks with Peter Lester, a former cup competitor, coach and current sailing commentator. From there, Samantha heads to Piha Beach where she chats with teen surfing champion, Gabby Paul, before taking to the water boarding waves herself.

Coastal Maine

Samantha takes a road trip to Bar Harbor, enjoys breath-taking views from Acadia National Park and takes a cruise through Bass Harbor soaking in the sights of Desert Island and Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. Back on the main land, Samantha learns about “junk sculpting” from steampunk sculptor, Ernie Abdelnour, samples the house specialty at Flo’s Hot Dogs, and wraps up her visit at a lobster picnic with her family at Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier.

Watch every episode of Samantha Brown's Places to Love - Samantha Brown's Places to Love (2024)


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