Day & Ross Freight Transport Company (2024)

With over 8,000 employees, drivers, and owner-operators in Canada and the USA, Day & Ross offers a diversified portfolio of freight and delivery solutions to top brands across North America. The company got its start by hauling potatoes out of New Brunswick in 1950. Today, their key services include LTL/TL and cross-border transportation, logistics, dedicated fleets, and residential delivery.

For over a decade, Day & Ross has been recognized consistently as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, and has been named a Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation for the past four years. Their commitment to safety and sustainability is rooted in their family values and their care for their employees and the communities where they work and live.

Why Choose Day & Ross Transport

From a single truckload of potatoes in the 1950s to a fleet of thousands, Day & Ross has grown to become one of the largest transportation companies in Canada. With more than 8,000 employees, drivers, and owner-operators, they are a major player in cross-border and LTL/TL transportation, offering a diversified portfolio of transport and logistics solutions across North America.

Key differentiators:

  • Robust North American network with 245+ Day & Ross and USA partner terminals
  • Over 16,000+ pieces of equipment (trailers, tractors, vans, and straight trucks)
  • Online shipping portal
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Driver handheld devices to execute pickups and capture signatures on delivery
  • Freight Flow Management Team focused on continuous improvement
  • SmartWay® Partner in good standing since 2009


Day & Ross has built a reputation for on-time shipping service, total coverage, and customer satisfaction. They offer industry-leading Less-than-Truckload (LTL), Truckload (TL), and temperature-controlled services — including a high percentage of reefer units and ‘protect from freezing’ heater-equipped trailers. They also provide a full range of logistics solutions, dedicated fleets, and last mile and home delivery services


Day & Ross operates a well-maintained fleet of vehicles, with 5000 trucks and tractors, and over 11250 trailers including temperature-controlled, special commodity and LCV trailers to ensure cargo arrives safely and in good condition.

Head Office:
Hartland, NB Canada
Day & Ross Freight Transport Company (2024)


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